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Java vs. JavaScript

Java vs. JavaScript

Java is an object-oriented programming language which was developed by sun microsystems and later acquired by Oracle. Whereas, JavaScript is a scripting language that allows the user to create dynamic HTML pages along with interactive effects inside the webpage. It was developed by Brendan Eich at was first used in 1995. JavaScript is an interpreted programming language and runs on web-browser only.


  1. Java programs and applications run on Java Virtual Machine which requires the installation of JRE and JDK on the system.
  2. Smartphone operating systems like Android and Symbian are supported by Java, alongside many other old mobile phone applications were developed in Java.
  3. Java has a large amount of information available in the form of documentation, online forums, online sources and communities that allows an individual to learn the programming language easily.
  4. Java as a programming language can be used to build applications and everyone can learn through the information available online.
  5. This programming language is supported by different operating systems and the syntax of this language is similar to C, C++ programming.


  1. Unlike Java, JavaScript runs on a web browser and does not require any initial setup for its execution.
  2. Mobile applications can be developed using JavaScript, however, there are certain limitations as it requires the use of third party tools to convert the script into native code so that they can be executed on the mobile operating system.
  3. If you want to make mobile applications or websites, JavaScript can be used. Just like Java, a lot of information about JavaScript is also available on the Internet that one can use to learn the scripting language quickly.
  4. The scripting language is supported by a number of different web browsers that are already pre-installed with the operating system they run on.
  5. The syntax of JavaScript is similar to C, but the naming convention is similar to Java. JavaScript rely on HTML and CSS.

How to Learn Java and JavaScript?

  1. Understand Basics

To be able to learn any programming language it is important to understand and know the basics. Having doubts and solving them will help learn the language better. Understanding the logic behind the program is important as opposed to mugging it up.

  1. Have Patience

Learning programming and scripting language can be quite overwhelming at times. However, being patient enough is the key here. Getting the mastery over it is not a single day process. Give yourself sufficient time and you will slowly get a nack of it.

  1. Practice the language

Knowing the basics isn’t enough. You also need to know how to implement it to get better at it. Code often and keep making mistakes. It is the best way to learn anything and to build up self-confidence.

  1. Be in Regular Touch

Always try to explore more about the topic you want to study and learn. Not only this will ensure you have an interest in the topic, but will also provide in-depth knowledge about it.