3 ways to fix "Game security violation detected"

3 ways to fix “Game security violation detected”

Some gamers have faced an error “game security violation detected“. It became pretty common recently. Here, you will find effective ways to fix it and keep playing your favorite games without any problems.

What is “Game Security Violation Detected Error”

This is a problem that can appear playing games provided Easy Anti-Cheat. Such protection can be found in services like Ubisoft. It means that players of most popular games like Rust, Paladins, and many others can face this error. Usually, it blocks players who use cheat programs and tools. However, due to the incorrect work of the Anti-Cheat, some fair gamers can get this error as well. Sometimes it considers utilities for optimization of the work of a video card and processor, software for setting graphics, various updates, and other helpful programs as cheats. In this case, it’s pretty annoying.

Usually, it takes a lot of time to get help from the Support Service as the number of the audience trying to contact them is enormous. For cheaters, it’s even harder, as they use not allowed stuff. Nevertheless, some ways can solve this issue successfully.

The Most Common Methods to Fix This Problem

Such an issue is existing for a pretty long time. Primarily, players were frightened a lot. They thought that it would be impossible to play their favorite games on their accounts and all their game progress and achievements would be lost. Some of them were waiting for help from the Support Service that took a lot of time. However, the others started to find solutions by themselves. Over the years, there were found many solutions for game security violation detected an error. We prepare the most useful and effective ones for today:

  • Try to disable your antivirus and firewall. Pay attention if there are any game or steam files in quarantine. If a game runs without issue while the antivirus is disabled, contact its Support Service or change the antivirus software.
  • Sometimes Anti-Cheat can detect RGB software as cheat programs. If you have such software for backlight keyboard, mouse, motherboard, or video card, try to uninstall it. After the uninstallation, restart a computer. In a case, when RGB software caused a problem, but you want to keep using it, download it, or update from the official site. Also, in the same way, the lighting control program can be detected as a cheat. A user needs to end the task of LED lighting customization and try to play a game without it.
  • Update a game in which you’ve faced such an issue. Also, sometimes it fixes with updating of a client you are using. Remember, that each client has a game recovery. It means that it can check the integrity of the game files and automatically download and install ones that are absent or damaged. Another thing that can solve fix game security violation detected error after updating is your graphics card driver. It’s rarely caused this problem, but there were some cases in which it helped a lot.

These are the most common ways to fix this problem. The developers of Anti-Cheat are trying to fix it and to make a lot of fair players avoid it in the future. However, it’s still common trouble for today.