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The Little-Known Secrets to AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus Review

AVG Antivirus by avg antivirus review provides excellent value for money and is perfectly suited for people who have multiple devices to be protected. If you are looking for an affordable protection option, AVG Antivirus provides strong and exceptional protection without causing your computer to slow down.


One of the things that really entice the common user is the fair pricing of AVG. AVG Antivirus costs $99.99 per year. The company’s Ultimate Plans and Internet Security let users protect multiple devices ? allowing excellent savings for them. On the other hand, if the user only wants to use AVG antivirus security, they can choose to do so by selecting the free antivirus version. However, the free version of the antivirus will only allow protecting one device at a time. For users who are looking for added protection, they can opt for Internet Security option that offers exceptional tools for online activities and web browsing. Internet Security option represents the best value for money for users.

Ease of Use

Due to AVG’s ability to protect multiple devices from one console ? makes the antivirus more suited and convenient. The antivirus has five large cards on the main screen which continuously provides user details about how well their system is protected. Each of these cards is for the different sector and users can commence the scan by pressing on one of these cards. When the scan is completed, these cards are updated.


For any kind of hacks and malware attacks, the first line of defense provided by AVG is its exceptional antivirus that has the ability to safeguard users from a myriad of common exploits. The antivirus scanner is always running in the background and tracks all the changes made by the user in different files and folders ? to update you later.

It offers comprehensive firewall protection that hides system ports for the outside network, making them hard to attack. It also protects the users from ransomware, a tactic that is becoming more and more popular with every day passing. It provides the user with a special encrypted folder, to store all of the sensitive photos and files so that no one can gain access to it.

It also provides the user with payment protection by constantly monitoring user emails for the scam. If the antivirus detects any suspicious website the user visited to buy products and goods, it will immediately notify the user about it ? which will avoid the user in losing their personally identifiable information along with financial details.


There are two different kinds of support options provided by the company. Basic and Premium. If you have chosen a basic option than you will get access to common question and problems that other users have faced in the past. Basic support also provides access to the company’s knowledge base.

For premium support option, you will get access to toll-free line 24 x 7 along with the chat option. Thus, getting your queries answered faster than the basic support option.

Additionally, users can also get in touch with the company through their email ticket option from the website. Ticketing services are not as fast as others, but will certainly provide you credible information to resolve any issue that you may have.